EYEBROW SCISSORS Rubis solves your problem Eyebrow scissors Precision scissors made from the best surgical steel Once Rubis, always Rubis Item number: 1C300ES These scissors will help you to curl your eyebrows if they are too long. Artificial eyelashes can also be trimmed to any length. Thanks to the Rubis Twist, the scissors are extremely handy in the hand. The hardened scissor blades ensure a precise cut. Not only shapely and crowned with several design awards, Rubis provides eyebrow scissors with which eyebrows that are too long can be easily and precisely cut back. Will undoubtedly bring your brows in top shape. The scissors are made of high quality, stainless surgical steel, which can be disinfected and sterilized without any problems. The steel from which the Rubis scissors are made is hardened to ensure a good cut and precise, clean cuts. Made in our Swiss factory, with the highest quality standards. Rubis products are the result of traditional craftsmanship, strict flow controls and a final production under the microscope. No tool leaves the factory without having passed the strict quality controls. Neither scratches nor inaccuracies in the material or surface are permitted.

Manufacturer: RUBIS TWEEZERS
SKU: 1C300ES
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